Here are some pictures from our recent trip.

This is what happens when I get super hot and tired. Very flattering:

But, there was the Waving Girl statue nearby, so Brian cheered me up.

Then, I got happier and joined in!

Here we are together. What a cute puppy!

Here are some cool birds from the beach:

We found a sweet deserted part of the island with millions of tide pools.

And here’s a pretty sunrise:

Coolest candy store ever:

Fort Pulaski’s moat and drawbridge from the top of the fort:

Cool arched doorways inside the fort:

River Street:

Brian taking a rest:


Brian’s mom is scared of heights, so she stayed plastered against the wall:

Don’t fall!

Sweet prisms inside the lighthouse:

Dragons ride zebras in Savannah:

I still always have to play in the sand and dig ditches:

And here I am with my mom on the super windy beach:

The end.