I would like to know why I have had stomach issues since Friday and have been so moody lately. At this moment, about 40 things are seriously pissing me off, and I shouldn’t be that annoyed at anything. Whatever is wrong with me, I sure hope it goes away soon because if I’m getting on my own nerves, I’m sure to be on some other people’s, too. Sorry!

In other news, I finally went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get more magnet supplies. I took a long break from making them, but I’ve started back again, obviously.

I know I still haven’t posted any pictures from our vacation, but work has been so crazy and busy that I can’t stand the site of a computer screen when I get home.

I got free lunch today! I had leftover chicken fingers at church and some cookies.

Yesterday, when I came to work, my plant looked almost dead! I am happy to report that it is back to its normal self and doing fine. Close one!

GOOD THING: I get off work in about 20 minutes.
BAD THING: My neck is sore and stiff, and I’m very tired.