Today has been the most stressful day I’ve had in quite a while. Nothing bad happened; I was just super busy at work today – like so busy I didn’t have time to sit down or even go into my office for more than 5 minutes until 2:30 today. Anyway, I do want to point out that no one did anything bad at work; I just felt rushed all day – not to mention the fact that I slept 1 hour late and got to work 45 minutes later than I should have. Oh, well. Tomorrow can only be better!

I am skipping circle tonight to lay in the pool with Carrie (who is skipping, too).  Our hubs are playing tennis tonight plus David & Casey. Hopefully, no one else will be out there.

Misty, if you read this, I will answer your Myspace message hopefully tomorrow or as soon as I get a minute at work. I’m too tired now! Sheena, I am sorry you have to study and miss the pool, but we will go to the lake soon!

I just learned 2 new songs on the guitar, which almost don’t even count because they’re so easy. I seriously think I need a second guitar so I can leave one tuned down for all the gay songs that do that instead of playing like a regular person would. Until then, I refuse to play those songs or will just play them in the wrong key.

By the way, I love Alice in Chains, and I think lots of their songs are really pretty. Too bad all the good ones have to die, apparently.

PS – pictures coming soon

GOOD THING: Carrie will be here in like 15 minutes, so it’s almost pool time.