I am back!

We just got back 1 hour ago from our beach trip to Tybee Island/Savannah, and I am so glad to be home. For realz.

Here is a brief description of things we did while we were gone:
played in the ocean and saw dolphins swimming by us
found millions of sand dollars and some hermit crabs
found a sweet deserted place at the other end of the island that was covered with tide pools, weird sand patterns/designs, cool birds and had mega shallow water even way out in the ocean
wandered around the historic part of Savannah to look at buildings and on River Street to shop and eat
went inside the oldest church in GA – also was the first church John Wesley preached in after he came here and where he started the first Sunday School in America
walked to the top of a lighthouse
visited Fort Pulaski
found out the Bird Girl cemetary statue and Forrest Gump’s bench are both now in a museum instead of where they should be, so we didn’t visit those
walked down the beach some at night and watched shooting starts and found some glowing things from the water – what are those?

That might be it.

I will probably post some pictures soon.

GOOD THING: I am home!
BAD THING: no day in between to rest before starting work again