As you already know, I tried to get my vessel license from the DMV this past Friday with no luck. I decided to get up early (so hard for me) and get there when the doors opened today so I could get everything done and get to work by 9. Well, I actually did get up early and got ready, and I made it to the DMV no later than 8! But, guess what? There was a huge line at the door that trailed the whole length of the building. I thought “surely not all these people will get in the same line as me, so really, I’m probably only behind like a 1/3 of these people at the most.” That part was true. The other part that was unsaid was the part about how they wouldn’t even call ANY number for a good 20 minutes. By the time a few had been called, it was almost 9, so I decided to call in to work and tell them where I was because I wanted to stay and make my waiting worthwhile.

While waiting, I tried to chat a little with the girl next to me. I found out she was there for her driving test, but she was older than 16 and said she just hadn’t done it yet. We basically just talked about how awesome it was every time someone in line in front of us gave up and left. I heard the guy next to me (around my age) and the man in front of me (parent age in army uniform) talking about being from out of state and just getting an AL license, so I piped up and told them that when I did that, you just went through the regular line and didn’t have to see an examiner, so they must have changed things. Army Man asked where I worked (somehow related), and he started talking about why he doesn’t agree with Methodism after being Methodist for over 20 years. Oh, and he was Lutheran as a child, but stopped going to church after he took communion once and realized he didn’t mean it at all, so he figured that was not a good thing to do and quit going. He became Methodist when he started dating a Methodist girl that he could only see at church, and she was a descendant of John Wesley. Apparently, he doesn’t get the whole trinity thing and says it’s not in the Bible, which means it was made up, so he doesn’t want to follow something that’s not even in the Bible blah blah. Young Guy next to me told him the Bible DOES say there is one God since Army Man said it’s not in the Bible, and blah blah. They didn’t get in an argument at all…just discussion, but I never joined back in because what do you say to all that? I did tell him it was going to be hard to find another church that doesn’t use the trinity symbol. From the way the man talked, it sounded like he has doubts about everything all together, which is totally fine. It’s at least nice to see someone actually contemplating and studying what they’re worshipping instead of blindly following along. If someone is still asking questions, they haven’t given up on God yet, so that’s cool.

Anyway, they finally called me and Young Guy in the examiner’s office. Oh yeah – he’s from South Carolina and moved here because his wife just graduated from dental school, and she wanted to move away from home since she never had before. He just started working for the Hope House, which is a shelter for runaway teens. He’s also kind of consulting the Youth Minister at All Saints’ Episcopal across the street from my church/work since the YM is new, and Young Guy has been a Youth Minister before. Whatev.

Yeah – they finally called me back there, but then a new guy came in and sat beside me to wait, and he was a talker, so he started chatting with me. He’s in high school and just took his test for the first time. He actually asked me if I was in school around here, and I said, “I am 26 – I’m way past school” and laughed, so he said I looked really young in a good way whatever that means. So then he asked where I went to college and stuff, so we kept chatting, and then the woman at the desk got on to us! We totally got in trouble for talking in the office at the DMV. So, there you go. I just got reminded how I’m way over school, but five seconds later, I get in trouble for talking. Some things never change!

None of that was relevant, but I got my new license! I was only 1 hour late to work.

GOOD THING: I found out I don’t have to do all the stuff I thought I did for my meeting next Monday.
BAD THING: probably need to make up an hour at work next week