This is my new favorite drink. I’m so over Lipton’s Diet Green Tea.

Might I add…YUM. I have to admit, I don’t feel invigorated after drinking it, but dang does it taste good. I love the citrus flavor, and I would like to try the strawberry, but I know I’ll still love the citrus more. It’s super good while playing tennis or after working out (this makes it sound like I do those often…don’t be fooled). I would recommend it over Gatorade or something like that. It’s much more thirst quenching because it’s basically flavored water. The only downside is that it has some caffeine, and I’m pretty much caffeine free as far as drinks go (except at restaurants), but it’s nothing near a soda or even a glass of sweet tea.

 PS – I just realized I did 3 posts in one day. lame.

GOOD THING: finally started working on Social Justice Committee stuff
BAD THING: not sure what all I need to DO for SJC stuff