I realize that I have many posts that are basically advertising things, whether it’s books, drinks, or any other product. If that gets old, sorry, but I’ve noticed how much satisfaction I get if I’m able to introduce something to people that they really like. It’s like a personal victory somehow. I love talking people into getting involved in certain groups at church. I love showing people new drinks and seeing them start buying it on their own. I love finding a good store and telling everyone about it. I love making up a word or phrase and hearing other people start using it. Hm…this is starting to sound like I have some complex that drives me to need to control something…man! Let’s just say I like helping people find things they like. That sounds much better.

GOOD THING: 1/2 the work week is over.
BAD THING: killer headache, and I have to go somewhere this evening despite that