I decided to watch the news on BBC the other day. I did this because they cover world news, and they’re not in America. I was interested to see what they were saying on the topic of the U.S. presidential nominees right around the time Hillary stepped down (gracias!). I was hoping for a more objective outlook on all this mess, which is quickly becoming chaotic and will only get worse the rest of the year. Anyway, BBC decided to go to blue collar Michigan (or Wisconsin, can’t remember) to interview some random people and see what they think about a black man being the Democratic candidate. I can’t find a video of it online, or I’d show it to you.

Almost every one of these people flat out said Obama’s race is a major factor in their decision. One guy said something like, ‘I’m not going to lie; I will really have to consider this, because race has always been a factor in this country, and it always will be. I’m not sure he can get the vote here.’

People, give me a freaking break! I am SO apalled at the fact that people in 2008 are having to struggle with the idea of voting for a black man for president. I don’t care if you like his ideas or not; there’s no reason to bring race into this at all. Are people in this country really that ridiculous? I guess they are.

Seems to me, there’s a LOT of stuff that could use a CHANGE around here.

GOOD THING: hump day!
BAD THING: can’t get my work done until others tell me how, and they’re not here