A while back, Casey posted a blog about The Something Store. I would link to his actual blog entry, but I can only figure out how to link to his blog instead of the specific entry. I must be retarded. Anyway, you basically pay them $10 to get SOMETHING, but you don’t know WHAT. Of course, I had to do it. Weeks later, I finally got the package today, and this is what was inside:

A royal blue satin clutch. Mind you, this would’ve matched my prom dress perfectly, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any more of those to go to (thank God). So, this will now be another makeup bag for my oh-so-many travels (not). I do have to say, it really would make a good, safe place for something while traveling because it has a hard shell. And, there’s a mirror inside, a strap, and a little pocket for cards or whatever. I guess it could’ve been worse. However, this is the slip that came with it:

Note the last part of the slip. I realize this picture is too small to read, but I’m so tired of fooling with these pictures tonight. I can’t get them right. It says, “some items such as electronics and watches may require batteries that are not included.” A watch? That would’ve been sweet! It seems like anything that needs batteries would be sort of cool to get. Anyway, I did it, and it was fun opening the package and laughing at what was inside.

If anyone needs a satin clutch, you know where to find it!

I still think YOU should buy SOMETHING, too! It’s just $10, and it could be funny or awesome! I am sticking with my idea that we should have a Christmas party to which you must bring a gift, and everyone should be required to bring SOMETHING from the Something Store as their gift to exchange. Yes?


GOOD THING: Work is over, and I’m about to go play tennis with Brian and my new grip tape.
BAD THING: rain this week maybe!