I have decided it’s time to stop being so lazy and try to at least halfway care about my physical fitness. Yes, I am fairly thin, but that doesn’t mean I’m fit or healthy. I LOVE eating too much junk food, especially bready things like brownies, cookies, cakes, etc., and I hate exercising. Well, I can’t get by on that forever, so I’ve decided to try a little harder.

I have been joining Brian on his regular exercises at home, and it’s actually fun and goes by quickly. I’m pleased with myself! I also went to play tennis with him one night this week and actually tried hard to get exercise out of it. I ran after almost every ball and played hard until I basically couldn’t hit anymore, and it was super fun. There’s something weirdly satisfying about getting that hot, sweaty and tired from doing something to benefit yourself. Oh crap – I’m becoming one of those people! haha

Anyway, don’t expect me to not be lazy sometimes still, but at least I try every once in a while.

On more thing – today, the thermostat in our breakroom at work said it was 78 degrees when we were eating lunch. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well in hot rooms, and that is just too hot for me. I have felt physically sick almost every day this week with a weird headache because of the heat. When I came home and changed clothes yesterday, all my clothes, including underwear, were wet with sweat. Sick! I heard a rumor today that we’re done trying out new cooling schedules, so I’m hoping the place will be back to normal soon. Please! I’m running out of skirts and tank tops.

I just realized I’ve been forgetting to do Good Thing Bad Thing. Oops. I’ll do multiples today.

GOOD THING: made it to the chiropractor today, and he let me lay on the roller table instead of doing the other thing with the electric pulses or whatever; Brian is playing Boston’s Long Time on Rock Band at this moment, so I get to sing it; I found another good ice cream flavor at the ice cream shop – dark chocolate and white chocolate swirled together! and they have another one that is chocolate with brownies in it – WHOA

BAD THING: forgot to wash clothes tonight – that’s about it, and it doesn’t even matter