Today, Brian had a dentist appointment at 2. I got home at 4. I was surprised he wasn’t home by then, so I was hoping it wasn’t a terrible visit. A few minutes later, he came home with groceries! After he brought them all in, he handed me flowers! Aww.

I cannot find cheap enough plane tickets for me and a friend to go visit another friend in Chicago unless something crazy happens, so I guess I will just not go. I was getting excited, too. I really want to go somewhere soon. Perfect! Brian and I just talked about vacation time, and I think I will look online soon for some cheap plane tickets to who knows where and see if I can figure out a cheap smaller trip for the summer or something. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. We can also drive somewhere, but I don’t know where we’d want to go that’s that close. I guess we could always go to the beach. I surely don’t want to get eaten by a shark, though. They scare me! And I hate jellyfish.