Yesterday, Brian was searching my car for his long lost cell phone, and he didn’t find it. Guess what he did find? A $100 Visa gift card! Awesome.

Earlier this year, I cleaned out my car, and I found a pair of shoes that I had forgotten about. Unfortunately, one had basically melted into a weirdly molded shape that gave me blisters, but I’ve worn them enough now to fix that.

I washed clothes two nights ago, had a feeling I should check our pockets but didn’t, and I found about 5 or 6 individual dollar bills when I was taking the clothes out of the dryer. I could’ve been responsible for that since I’m not used to having cash. At least these dollars aren’t as disgusting as they were before I washed them. Money is so gross. I handled money all day long at the bank, and that is why I now wash my hands all the time. I would always have to wash my hands at least twice to just get the water to wash off clear instead of black. Gross!

I have now read Ashley’s post about Naked juice, and I had already planned on mentioning a drink on my blog after a conversation with her, but now, it just appears that I’m copying. Anyway, the drinks I was going to mention are made by Bolthouse Farms. I have only tried four, and you can see, they have many flavors to choose from. Here is my favorite:

The picture stinks, but it’s the only one I could find that you can actually read the label in.

I do have to mention one other drink of theirs because it is the nastiest crap I’ve ever tasted. If you like this one, more power to you, but I’ll assume your tastebuds are whack. If you dare:


Yuck! I love how they show a kiwi on the label to make it look fruity and yummy, then trick you by putting disgusting-tasting things in it like spinach, broccoli, wheat grass, and even blue green algae. Yes, there are several yummy fruit juices in it, but you’d never know! One blog I found online about it called it green pond slime, and I agree.

With all that said, I will try more of their drinks sometime, and I do want to try the Naked drinks, too. It sure would help if these drinks weren’t $2.50-$3 a piece! They do have lots of sugar, even though it is mostly fructose, but all of that is bad for me if I have too much at once, so that is why I prefer the vanilla one, which is part of their “Perfectly Protein” line. It has enough protein to balance out the sugar for me.

Ok, I will stop rambling now.

GOOD THING: It’s already Thursday, and I have absolutely no obligations for the weekend.
BAD THING: A muscle in my neck/shoulder area is sore/tight, and I want it to get better.