ice cream! Thanks to Sheena, I now have a new flavor of ice cream to love. Everyone should go to Mountain Brook Creamery and try Cake n Batter! It’s soooo yummy.

bargain shopping! Also, the Pattons have reminded me that the Dollar Store is terrific!

Ray! If you don’t know who Ray LaMontagne is (not sure how you couldn’t), please listen to him! I want everyone to love him, but you don’t have to. Whatever.

Ok, so those are only 3 things I like, but I don’t have all day.

Oh man – last night, we were on the sidewalk in Mountain Brook, and some guy driving a car yelled out “Hey, Amy!” I have no clue who the guy was, but apparently he could tell it was me from the back. Who the heck was that??? I’m stumped, and I hate being stumped.

GOOD THING: 3 day weekend! duh
BAD THING: haven’t played my guitar much lately