I have been watching Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht lately, and I must say – it is addicting. Those kids must be some of the cutest kids ever. Three is the cutest age.

Also, we visited my parents this weekend, and it was entertaining as always. My dad outdoes himself each time with crazy, hilarious comments. Noteworthy this time would be his “nice ass” comment to a waiter at Red Lobster. The others are probably too bad to mention on here! We laugh a lot at things he says. Not to mention the fact that he stuns my mom with the things he says. She doesn’t have a clue how to react haha. Oh! And, he was also really funny this time while playing putt putt. He whacked the ball really hard straight into this stupid teenager’s shoes that kept standing in our green instead of staying on the paved walk in front of us, but the kid didn’t really get the point and kept standing by our hole each time.

Mother’s Day was a success; my mom seemed to like her gifts. She got a hanging basket of flowers for the front porch and two new kinds of bird feeders with refill seeds/soot because she wanted to try and attract some different birds even though they have the biggest variety I’ve seen in one place. Anyway, she liked them, and it was fun to all put them up together and watch for new birds to come. And they did!

I just realized how boring this post probably is to everyone but me.

Grand opening of the new Zaxby’s tonight! We were so there. We also found some nice ethnic clothing stores in the Palisades in case you want to be a citrus fruit for Halloween sometime. All the clothes seem neon.

We should be able to go to the lake this weekend!

Oh – I have to learn how to drive the boat this year because someone needs to be able to pull Brian besides his dad so we don’t have to depend on his dad to wakeboard. Well, Brian can pull me, but I can’t pull him.

I worked out tonight! I really want to try starting now to exercise regularly. I decided that I am not going to let myself become fat with age. I am aware that I am not fat, but I don’t want to even get started down that hill, so I am going to TRY to do better. I do love sweets! I would rather exercise more than cut down on sweets. We all know I don’t eat much at once, but I can sure down some junk food if it’s bready or chocolaty.

Wow – sorry for the lame post, but I’ll do better next time.

Almost forgot!
GOOD THING: Zaxby’s tonight, and we didn’t have to drive far!
BAD THING: it’s already 10 PM, and I don’t want to shower yet.