I have a story to tell! Warning – I stink at telling stories. Sorry if you’ve already heard it, but this will be much easier to just type once instead of telling it 5 times in person.

As most know, we had another round of tornado weather today. I’ve learned that this is very common in Alabama, which is why we usually kind of ignore the sirens at work unless a weatherman or the internet specifically mentions Homewood. Anyway, they finally did mention our area, so we started wondering if we should indeed go downstairs. Then, it got really calm outside and the wind stopped, which made us think something might be coming. All of the sudden, it started pouring really hard, and the wind picked way up, so we decided to go to the first floor. Right when we walked out into the main hallway, there was a flash and a loud boom, and the lights went off for a second, which was really scary just because we were right in front of the window. At the same time, someone saw the lightning strike the traffic light outside. We went downstairs for a little while, but soon decided to come back up. The power surge caused our internet to go down for a little while, so I just went ahead and turned my computer off and went up to sit in the front office and read the paper since it was almost time for me to go home, anyway. While I was trying to read the paper, my boss yell out, “Oh, look! There’s a tree down out there across the road!” So, we all jump up to go look at it. That’s when I notice that the tree limb had landed exactly where I park every day. I said, “Oh, man! That is where I usually park EVERY DAY, but I didn’t today! I can’t believe it!” And someone said, “Are you sure you didn’t park there? Because there is a car over there that’s the color of yours.” *OH CRAP feeling* So Lisa gives me her raincoat and tells me to go walk out to the sidewalk just enough to see if it is my car. Then, the third siren of the afternoon goes off, and she says to not go too far since the sirens are on. BUT, it’s my car! I ran out there and down the sidewalk and across the road to see if my car was ok, all while it’s pouring and the tornado siren is on. The tree limb is very big and blocking the entire entrance to that road, but it stopped RIGHT BY MY CAR! My car was completely safe, and I can’t believe it. It’s the miracle of the day!

GOOD THING: Obviously, my car isn’t trashed.
BAD THING: headache! but that’s ok.