I had Circle last night, and it was good. We decided it was time for a mission/service project, so we made gifts for shut-ins. We made super cute flower pens and put them down in baby flower pots to look nice when they’re not being used. When I gave them to Buzz today (Minister of Visitation at TUMC), he loved them! He made me feel like the shut-ins would love them too, which was our whole point, so I’m happy about that. Our little project was miniscule on the scale of doing good, but it still reminded me that it feels so good to do something nice for people.

One more thing: If you haven’t tried this juice, you’re TOTALLY missing out. Sorry for the small picture, but I couldn’t find a better one. Ashley, all four parts of your tongue will thank you! haha

awesome juice


GOOD THING: I have had at least one free meal every day since Saturday, and 3 were BBQ!
BAD THING: I think my allergies are showing off today.

I hope your day is great!